Lewis & Marion
Wedding Invitations - combining fishing and flowers!
Shabby Shed
Tasmanian hipster launch of the Shabby Shed venue.
Tartan Heart Events
Rebrand of an event catering and management company and remake of website.
Poster design for the National Rural Mental Health Forum - of which Scottish Crofting Federation is a member - promoting the Training programme.
Logo design for Bellfield community venue in Portobello, the first urban community buyout.
Marketing Society Star Creative Student Award Winner 2017
Self branding
Development of logo for myself as a freelance designer
Royal Ballet
YCN 2017 submission - A promotional campaign to encourage culturally engaged people to look at ballet in a new way
Creation and branding of digital literary magazine and exemplar article. Exploration of poetry and dementia
Pardon My French
Creation of a French Film Festival - name, visual identity and promotional campaign
The Medium is the Massage
Poster design for Marshall McLuhan exhibition
Me Before You
Art direction and concept for simple animation about my journey so far
See Me Scotland
Campaign for awareness of Mental Health in young people and the importance of communication
Meet the Mammoths
Campaign to encourage readers to tackle Penguin's collection of 'huge reads'
Caran d'Ache Moustache
Creative concept celebrating Caran d’ Ache colouring pencils' 100th year anniversary
I got a sheep for Christmas...
Poster concept based on a truth...or a lie
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